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What you have is good. I think the melody is well developed. You can expand on it by adding another part, maybe a deeper bass part throughout? And then just continue it longer or make it a loop.

iFate responds:

Well the good thing is i already am working on another part but its kind of similar to the first one. I used the same technique so it kinda sounds similar but i will give it my best. Thank you very much for your help ^^

I honestly don't know why this was scored so low, but I've seen the same thing happened to some of my pieces, so at least you know now that it is not personal and has absolutely nothing to do with the caliber of your work obviously, since this is a good piece. I like what you did with it. I like the variations to the melody, and the special effects...pretty much everything. In fact, I don't know that there is anything I DON'T like about this piece...so yeah five stars bye :P

Ditchy responds:

Yeah i know what you mean. I put it on sound cloud and had a few producers/djs who are better than me by miles add me...the sorts that do gigs. I wouldn't be so egotistical to say that all my songs are awesome (or that I am)...but i do think there are people out there who do rate low just because they can.

Cheers for the review, I do feel that I am getting better :)

It has a somber feel, and it can also be calming. I could see this as background music while an artist is painting or something :P As one reviewer said, there is not much variation, but I think that actually works toward this piece being a nice soothing background piece to a task, as nothing jumps out at the listener. I think it's pretty well done. Nice work.

drumdude responds:

Thanks! I can definitely see this as background music haha.

As I said to the other reviewer, this is going to be a much longer song, so hopefully the variation will show in the final product.

Appreciate the review!

Liked this loop. Got me to try the program you used! :D

alexanderr responds:

Nice to hear that it inspired someone at least ^^

I really like this! It has a nice electronic feel to it and you add new colors with each new part you've brought into this piece. "Lovely" is a great word for it, indeed!

Porkbeef responds:

Thank you :D

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